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It can be a little tough having the same name as an Ivy League university, but Dartmouth, Massachusetts, has managed the confusion for years with admirable success. Founded on land purchased by Quakers who did not want to live under the stringent regulations of the Puritans in Plymouth, Dartmouth has the appeal of a coastal town and the beauty of one with several rivers running through its borders.
Dartmouth does have an institution of higher learning as well—the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth—and the town was used for years by MIT scientists to do ground-breaking experiments with lasers and microwaves. The town’s parks and beaches, as well as its relatively new mall, have drawn new residents at a steady rate over the past decade. If you don’t want any confusion with your move to Dartmouth, then you had better contact the top Dartmouth moving company, the one that rises above the other Dartmouth movers due to its outstanding service and high customer satisfaction ratings. Any “movers Dartmouth MA” Web search will lead you to the Dartmouth moving company that has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and yearly notice on the Angie’s List for Super Service. As you search through Dartmouth movers, you will also discover that only one has had 100+ complimentary letters mailed to the BBB.
That mover, DN Van Lines, can also handle any Dartmouth storage needs that you have. Rather than spend additional time on a “storage Dartmouth MA” search, just let the same company that handled your move handle your Dartmouth storage space needs as well. Log on to and get all of the information that you will need to start your move to Dartmouth. You can also call 1-800-51-MOVER to eliminate any confusion and make your move to Dartmouth as relaxing as a day at the Demarest Lloyd State Park (you’ll love its calm, shallow waters).