How to Pack Pictures & Mirrors

Our professional packer, Mike Brown, shows you how to pack pictures and mirrors. 

This video demonstrates how to professionally pack a mirror or framed picture.  Picture/Mirror cartons are specially designed to provide firm, cushioned, form fit protection.

Key Concepts:

✓ Picture/Mirror Cartons can be customized to form fit your mirror or picture

✓ Start by carefully bubble wrapping or cushioning your mirror or picture.

✓ Make sure your bubble wrap or cushioning material will not react or damage the surface of your mirror/picture or frame.

✓ Provide extra cushioning at bottom, sides and corners.

✓ Picture/Mirror Cartons are versatile and can be made to form fit any size of mirror or picture.

✓ The size of the picture/mirror will determine how many cartons you will need.

✓ Picture/Mirror Cartons may be purchased at professional moving companies.

✓ When storing or loading in truck, stand the carton on end.  Do not lay it flat.

Packing Steps

Step 1:


Measure your picture/mirror.

Step 2:

Plan a visit to your local professional mover

Call ahead and ask about the best time to visit to purchase cartons.  If you will be using a professional mover for your move, contact your moving consultant for advice.  Provide the dimensions of your picture/mirror to the mover and ask for advice.  You may be able to purchase the right cushioning material at the same time.

Step 3:

Wrap your picture/mirror carefully

Bubble wrap and similar cushioning materials can be purchased from your professional mover.  Keep the surface characteristics of your mirror/picture and your frame in mind.  You may wish to avoid having the plastic from the bubble wrap coming into contact with the picture/mirror or frame.  Acid free tissue paper or glassine paper may be used to protect fragile surfaces.  Ask your professional mover for advice.

Step 4:

Make sure the carton fits snugly

If the mirror/picture shifts inside the carton, add more cushioning to prevent shifting.

Tips and Tricks


1. Measure your mirror/picture to determine how many picture/mirror cartons you will need

If in doubt, just visit your friendly professional mover.  Provide the dimensions of your picture/mirror and they will recommend the number of picture cartons you will need and probably provide you some advice on preplanning for a successful move.  Always call ahead to make sure the mover you selected is willing to sell materials to you.

2. If in doubt leave the packing to the pros. Check with your local professional mover for advice.

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