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Moving FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Tips when planning a move

What's the first step to prepare for my move?

Start by taking a detailed inventory list of your possessions. Use this same list with multiple moving companies in order to receive "apples to apples” estimates.

How do I get an estimate for my move?

Complete the Get an Estimate form or call 1-800-516-6837 to speak with a Move Coordinator - they will review some information with you and provide you with a free detailed estimate.

How do I reserve my move date?

For local and hourly services, we take a one-hour deposit to reserve your move date. For long distance or fixed price services, we take a 10% deposit. These payments can be processed over the phone via credit card. A Confirmation Letter will then be emailed to you outlining the details of your reservation. All deposits are deducted from your final payment after completion of services.

What if I need to reschedule my move date?

There is no fee or penalty for rescheduling, provided you do so at least 48 hours before your originally scheduled date.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Personal Check and Money Order are all acceptable forms of final payment. Additionally, we can often accept a credit card with management approval and a minimal service fee. Some fixed price and long-distance relocations do require certified funds. Your Confirmation Letter will outline your applicable payment options.

What days of the week to you perform moves?

Our crews perform moves 7 days a week. We do observe major holidays. Please inquire with your Move Coordinator about any date that you may have a question on.

Why are some local moving quotes higher than others?

Different companies pricing will vary. However, be wary of quotes that seem too good to be true. Since local moves are a time-based charge, choosing a company based on the lowest estimate of time will not always save you money.

Does pricing vary depending on the day I move?

Movers typically charge higher rates for weekend dates as well as dates that fall at the beginning and end of months. To keep your costs down, try to schedule your move on a weekday during the middle of the month.

What if my employer is paying for my move?

If your employer is covering your relocation costs, figure out your allowed budget as well as what specific services will be covered. Review your employers reimbursement policy and make note of documents you will be responsible for providing to them.

How do I choose a long-distance mover?

If you are moving long distance, make sure that the company you choose is licensed by the DOT to perform interstate moves. Be careful of unlicensed movers who subcontract jobs to other companies.

How do I prepare for the movers?

Disconnect washers, dryers, electronics, and all gas appliances prior to the movers arrival. If you are handling the packing for your move, make sure all boxes are sealed up and properly labeled.