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Vermont, probably derived from the French term les verts monts (“the green mountains”), still has a large portion of the population with a French background and used to be ruled by that nation. After being handed over to the British, then winning its own independence, Vermont became a republic that lasted from 1777-1791, ending its sovereign status when it decided to join the United States as the 14th state (and the first to have abolished slavery).

This independent and hearty spirit still prevails in The Green Mountain State, where natural beauty and sizeable mountains draw millions of tourists and vacationers every year. The state is known not just for its skiing and snowboarding areas, but also for its legendary maple syrup. Vermont is the leading producer of the sweet liquid in the U.S.

If you are moving to Vermont, you need to find the top Vermont moving company to move your possessions safely and soundly. A “movers Vermont” or “local movers Vermont” Web search will give you pages of Vermont movers, but to find the best outfit, dig around to see what locals say about moving companies in Vermont when you are relocating to Vermont.

A quick check of professional ratings of movers in Vermont is also prudent. Using these criteria to compare Vermont moving companies, one company stands above the other Vermont movers: DN Van Lines.

The company’s website ( has scores of enthusiastic customer reviews, as well as details about the A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and its designation as a ProMover from the American Moving and Storage Association.

Customers rave about DN Van Lines because it takes care of every detail of a move, from packing to moving to even storage, thanks to its huge facility in New England that is available to families that move and then find that they have Vermont storage needs. Customers of DN Van Lines don’t have to spend time on a “storage Vermont” Web search or make numerous calls to Vermont storage facilities.

To plan your move to The Green Mountain State, call 1-800-51-MOVER or log on to the website for a free quote and more information. Your experience with DN Van Lines will be as sweet as Vermont’s finest maple syrup.

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