An Investment In Our Only Unique Differentiation

Hannah Gould – Recruitment and Safety Manager

Sir Richard Branson famously said, “Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business.” It’s true of any business but especially true When your entire product is based on personal service. “That’s why an investment to continue our success in hiring the best talent available makes perfect sense.” said Oded Carmi, President of DN Van Lines. “We welcome Hannah Gould to her new role as Recruitment and Safety Manager.”

Hannah has an extensive background in recruitment for industries such as manufacturing, electronic assembly, hospitality and construction. That experience will be important as Hannah points out, “DN Van Lines is experiencing a dynamic growth phase in a business environment that presents recruitment challenges. Preserving and protecting the corporate culture of service excellence and “Customers First” is what I have been tasked to do.”

While recruiting new talent to fuel the growth opportunities is important, Hannah is also responsible for ensuring workplace safety at DN Van Lines. “It’s a natural fit when you recognize that people are our most precious and only differentiating resource.” says Hannah. Workplace safety has always been a prime focus but the current pandemic requires a different level of attention in an industry that requires team members to be in close proximity of each other and with customers. Oded Carmi sums it up, “We operate in a very competitive market. We all have trucks, boxes and warehouses but our people are our best and perhaps only differentiating factor.”


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