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Moving To or From Fairfax Virginia?

Your family activities or work could be the reason for moving to Fairfax, VA. Historical census data indicate that in a year, thousands of people move out of Fairfax while several thousand more move in. This is attributed to employment opportunities and growth potential over small cities and counties bordering the Washington DC Metro area. Before starting your journey to Fairfax, you need to do your research, have a checklist of your household items, know what to do next should anything go wrong, and access the internet to search for moving companies near me to find an efficient mover.
The best thing about living in Fairfax, VA, is the availability of a great job market. The largest employer is the federal government and military around the Washington DC Metro Area. Currently, Fairfax County boasts more than Fortune Headquarters compared to 35 states, including the DC. It’s also home to around 11 out of 17 companies in the Washington DC region. Some of the largest employers include Northrop Grumman, Freddie Mac and Booz Allen. The neighboring county of Arlington is home to Amazon’s second headquarters. Technology and IT space offer lucrative job opportunities to hundreds of IT savvy settling in Fairfax, VA.
The metro system remains a huge plus, although it has its own problem. Most residents in Northern Virginia rely on this system to commute for work. Silver, Blue, Yellow, and Orange lines serve Fairfax, VA. These lines connect and crisscross Northern Virginia all the way to Maryland and Washington DC. The largest public bus is the Fairfax Connector, which covers nearly every part of the Northern Virginia region. The department of Defense provides shuttle buses to make transportation in Fairfax efficient. These shuttles take passengers to and from the Pentagon.
Living in Fairfax, VA, gets you closer to many things to do. Bear in mind that this city is close to the Washington DC Metro Area. Therefore, you can visit parks, historical sites, museums, wineries, and restaurants. You may also be part of numerous festivals taking place across Fairfax County. Examples of parks to tour are Bull Run, Hemlock Overlook, and Occoquan Trail, among other county and state parks. If hiking is your choice, then you’ll have endless hours covering more than 900 miles of trails. Fairfax, VA, has a lot to explore if you have enough time.
The information above gives you a glimpse into what you should expect when starting a new life at Fairfax, VA. Relocating to Fairfax is a great idea. You just need to work hand in hand with professional movers to make your transition successful. With several moving companies available, you can quickly become a resident of Fairfax. DN Van Lines moving company is here to help you plan and execute your move professionally.

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