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Storage Services

Short-Term and Long-Term Storage Solutions

Overnight Storage

In many cases Overnight Storage is necessary when juggling sale or lease closings. Many moving companies suggest unloading into storage after moving out and then loading out storage before moving in. This solution requires double the amount of labor and is therefore much more costly. There is also an increased chance of your items being damaged since they are loaded and unloaded twice. Often times you are left in the compromising position of having to move out on one day, but not being able to move into your new residence until the next day. DN Van Lines offers a low cost Overnight Storage alternative known as On-Truck Storage. On the date of the move our full time staff will carefully load your inventory onto the truck and lock it upon completion. During the interim the truck remains locked and stationary in our digitally monitored parking lot. This period can last from one night to a week. Once you get your keys and all paper work is completed your inventory is safely delivered to your new home or apartment.

Long-Term Storage

Long-Term storage is an inexpensive solution to the dilemma of safely holding your belongings for a period longer than a few days. This service is great if you are moving into a smaller home but do not want to part with some of the items you would otherwise be forced to abandon. It may also be an attractive alternative to accumulating items in your dark and flood-prone basement. DN Van Lines provides temperature controlled warehouse storage, which is less expensive and more secure than self-storage. Storage rates vary based on the size of your inventory. Often times storage discounts can be given for larger moves. Fill out a free estimate form or give us a call to learn more about our storage solutions!