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Many of those old toys that sell for big money at auction houses and in flea markets around the country were built in a humble burg in central Massachusetts that produced so many drums, building blocks, farm houses and floor whirligigs that it became known as “Toy Town.” The town of Winchendon produced the original giant rocking horse in 1912, a 12-foot beauty named Clyde. A replica sits in Winchendon’s pavilion today as a testament to the town’s past.

Beyond a history of toy manufacturing, Winchendon features numerous beautiful outdoor recreation areas, including the Winchendon State Forest, Miller River, Lake Dennison Recreation Area, Whitney Pond and Lake Monomonac. The town also has two protected areas—the Birch Hill Wildlife Management Area and the Otter River State Forest.

If you are moving to this historic and scenic town, you will need the best Winchendon movers to move your toys to your new residence. A “movers Winchendon MA” Web search can start your quest to find the #1 Winchendon moving company, but to compare Winchendon local movers you need a set of standards.

Many families in transition read customer reviews and look for healthy growth in a company. As you investigate Winchendon movers along these lines, one will emerge from the list: DN Van Lines. Customers laud the company’s service, professionalism and integrity (see for details) and DN Van Lines has proven such a hit that it has expanded into Florida in recent years.

Customers appreciate DN Van Lines’ attention to detail, including its ability to handle any Winchendon storage needs that might arise. Because of its large and secure facility near Boston, DN Van Lines can accommodate any extra belongings that its customers have after the initial move-in, nullifying the need for a “storage Winchendon MA” search.

For a free quote and more information, log onto the website or call 1-800-51-MOVER to start your move to “Toy Town.”