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Like many Massachusetts cities, Haverhill could not live on its former glory forever. That’s why it recently poured millions of dollars into revitalizing its central business district and the walkways along the Merrimack River. You’ll love what the city has done as you walk along the historic river that powered mills throughout the Northeast in America’s early days. You might even be able to spot a rare bald eagle, a bird that favors nesting spots in and near Haverhill. Rare among Haverhill movers is DN Van Lines, which continues to grow along the East Coast from its humble beginnings in Massachusetts.
DN achieved 10,000 successful moves in only its 8th year of operation because it knows that the customer comes first and that price matters when you move. That’s rare among Haverhill movers. That’s why so many people have made DN their Haverhill moving company and why any Web search for “movers Haverhill MA” will take you to the DN website in no time.
Haverhill has re-made itself from an industrial center into a high-tech hub. DN evolves as it learns more and more about how to best serve customers. That’s why it opened a huge and secure storage facility for people who move and discover that they don’t have enough room in their new residence for all that they put in the truck. If you have that “problem”, DN will solve it immediately, leaving you more time to enjoy Haverhill and nearby Boston.
Because of its widening scope of business and high customer satisfaction, web searches for “storage Haverhill MA” will also turn up the DN name. Its rates compete with other storage facilities and its ability to handle all possible moving needs has made it a popular choice for people all over Massachusetts.
To make DN your Haverhill moving company, give them a call at 1-800-51-MOVER or log on to On the site, you’ll get all the information that you need about moving and storage, and you can get a quote in record time as well. Find out why more customers have written complimentary letters to the Better Business Bureau on DN’s behalf than any other mover in Massachusetts.