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Even though the “hill towns” of western Massachusetts are not ideal for farming due to their soil and choppy topography, they have proven to be great for natural beauty and skiing. Blandford is one of the hill towns that has profited from its elevations ranging from 400 to 1700 feet, and has been home to the Blandford Ski Area for more than 75 years.
Blandford also hosts a large fair on Labor Day weekend and has a private golf course with tennis facilities that has been in business for more than 100 years. Whether you are a sportsman or just enjoy looking at the natural beauty of the hills and rivers, Blandford sits as an idyllic small town in a gorgeous part of the country.
If you are moving to this small piece of earthly paradise, you will want a Blandford moving company that can make the transition heavenly.
A “movers Blandford MA” Web search will yield a page of possibilities, but to adequately compare Blandford movers you will need to look at customer reviews and business ratings. As you do that, one Blandford moving company stands out from the rest: DN Van Lines. Customers rave about the line’s service and the Better Business Bureau gives it an A+ rating.
The best Blandford movers were founded in the Boston area more than a decade ago, and they offer a comprehensive package that can even include Blandford storage help. DN Van Lines knows that sometimes after a move, there is more stuff than room in a new place, so it keeps space open in its large and secure storage facility for anyone that has need.
That saves its customers the time required for a “storage Blandford MA” Web search and numerous phone calls to Blandford storage facilities.
For more information, call 1-800-51-MOVER or go to to read and hear what customers say about DN Van Lines, the top movers to get you to the hill towns of Massachusetts.