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Moving Services

We offer a variety of different moving services and options to best suit your individual needs

Local Moving

We perform thousands of local moves every year. Labor for local moves is priced based on an hourly rate. We charge in 15 minute increments rather than rounding up to the hour. If the crew takes a break for lunch or to fuel up, that time is deducted from your bill. All licensed movers charge for travel time, which is the commute to your pick up location and the commute back from the destination. We fix our travel time for the round trip in advance. This prevents cost overruns due to unforeseen factors like traffic jams and snow storms, which can significantly affect the cost of a move with a non-fixed travel time. As a high quality, professional moving company, we provide a full door-to-door moving service. At no additional cost we protect your items by wrapping them in moving pads and disassemble furniture for safe transport. All trucks are GPS tracked, stocked with professional moving equipment, and carry a full array of moving supplies. Should you require it, overnight storage, long-term storage, and packing services are also available.

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Interstate Moving

Long distance interstate moves throughout New England, the Northeast, and to or from Florida are our specialty. Unlike other long distance movers, we do not unload your inventory into storage or subcontract your move to other companies. Your items are only loaded and unloaded once, preventing unnecessary damage and loss. You can also count on the same crew who picked up your inventory to deliver it. All of our trucks are GPS tracked so you can call in at anytime to find out exactly where your possessions are. We offer same-day or next-day delivery to most locations on the East Coast. Our long distance pricing formula is very simple. Upon request, we will give you a guaranteed-not-to-exceed price for your move. We are DOT licensed and insured to transport overweight items like pianos, pool tables, safes, and hot tubs across state lines. All of our moving supplies are available for purchase on the date of the move. Whether you’re moving from Providence to Philadelphia or Jacksonville to Savannah, choose DN Van Lines as your long distance carrier.

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Military Moving

Relocation for Military Personel and Government Employees Military life means moving a lot. Whether it’s temporary duty or a PCS move, a military move to a new duty station requires working closely with your transportation office as well as a local moving company, such as DN Van Lines. We assist military members and their families by providing information designed to help organize every detail of the move and follow up with a stress-free military relocation DN Van Lines is the East Coast’s #1 Military Moving Company and is a DoD approved carrier running under the SCAC code, “DVLE.” We are knowledgeable in Federal travel regulations, employee entitlements, compliance with the GSA Tender of Service Guidelines, as well as on-base procedures. If you are arranging your own relocation, please use our full-service for moving assistance. If you are handling your relocation through DP3 remember to ask your transportation counselors to select DN Van Lines when arranging your next move!

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