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Local Moving Services

Large and Small In-State Moves

Local Moving

We perform thousands of local moves every year. Labor for local moves is priced based on an hourly rate. We charge in 15 minute increments rather than rounding up to the hour. If the crew takes a break for lunch or to fuel up, that time is deducted from your bill. All licensed movers charge for travel time, which is the commute to your pick up location and the commute back from the destination. We fix our travel time for the round trip in advance. This prevents cost overruns due to unforeseen factors like traffic jams and snow storms, which can significantly affect the cost of a move with a non-fixed travel time. As a high quality, professional moving company, we provide a full door-to-door moving service. At no additional cost we protect your items by wrapping them in moving pads and disassemble furniture for safe transport. All trucks are GPS tracked, stocked with professional moving equipment, and carry a full array of moving supplies. Should you require it, overnight storage, long-term storage, and packing services are also available.

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