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Moving To or From Mendon MA?

Many parts of Mendon, Massachusetts, are named after the Nipmuc people who used to thrive in central Massachusetts. There’s Nipmuc Pond and Nipmuc High School, keeping alive the original meaning of Nipmuc: the “people of the fresh waters.” Two Nipmuc reservations are located near to Mendon, where about 500 of this ancient people group still live today.
Mendon is also notable for having Massachusetts’ largest zoo (Southwick’s) and one of only three drive-in theaters in the state. The town also launched several families into the American political arena over the years, and our country’s first legal woman voter—Lydia Chapin Taft—was born in Mendon.
If you want to become a person of the fresh waters, you are going to need the best Mendon movers to ease your transition. A “movers Mendon MA” Web search will provide a list of Mendon local movers, but not much more. To find the #1 Mendon moving company, you need to look around for passionate customer referrals and superior ratings from professional organizations.
As you compare Mendon movers, one will stand out according to these criteria: DN Van Lines. Customers are effusive about their treatment by DN Van Lines (see for details) and the Better Business Bureau and American Moving and Storage Association have given it an A+ rating and special title of ProMover, respectively.
In addition, if you find that you have more belongings than room after your move, DN Van Lines will wrap up the entire process by placing your extras in its huge, safe facility near Boston, meaning there will be no need for a “storage Mendon MA” Web search or a stressful hunt for the right Mendon storage facility.
For information and a free quote, log onto the website or call 1-800-51-MOVER to become one of the people of the fresh waters in Mendon.

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