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Moving To or From Berkley MA?

Bordered by assorted rivers and the Assonet Bay, Berkley, MA, takes full advantage of its watery surroundings as residents enjoy the Dighton Rock State Park and other preserved areas that make this quaint town seem more than 35 miles south of Boston and 22 miles east of Providence.
The Dighton Rock continues to intrigue historians, with the strange markings on this tidal boulder arousing suspicions that it was inscribed by Vikings, Wampanoag Indians or the Portuguese explorer Miguel Corte-Real.
If you are moving to Berkley, perhaps you can solve this mystery, but you will want a Berkley moving company that takes the mystery out of moving. A “movers Berkley MA” Web search will give you a long list of Berkley movers from which to choose, but to find the #1 Berkley moving company, check out customer reviews and professional ratings.
As you do that, one Berkley moving company will emerge from the pack, based on its overwhelmingly positive customer reviews and A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau: DN Van Lines. Founded in the Boston area more than a decade ago, DN Van Lines has handled thousands of moves in Massachusetts and has recently expanded to Florida to meet customer demand. DN Van Lines also serves the surrounding Boston market like Framingham, Springfield, MA and more.
One reason why DN Van Lines has been so appreciated by its clients is its ability to handle any Berkley storage needs that come up after a move. Because of its large and secure facility near Boston, DN Van Lines has plenty of room for any of its customers’ extras, meaning that they can abstain from an additional “storage Berkley MA” Web search.
For more information, call 1-800-51-MOVER or log on to to read and hear how customers gush over the service that they received. You can also see how any Berkley storage issues can be easily solved, find answers to moving frequently asked questions, and learn why DN Van Lines takes the mystery out of which company is the finest of the Berkley movers.

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