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Moving To or From Amesbury MA?

Once upon a time, Amesbury, MA, had to evolve from “Carriage Town” to making automobile bodies. The town successfully made that transition, but then the Great Depression devastated many mill and factory towns in the Northeast.

Like a lot of other New England towns, Amesbury has had to again re-invent itself while retaining a lot of the charm that many similar burgs have. Today, Amesbury is largely residential, a delightful place to settle amidst both natural and manmade wonders.
The Powwow River bisects the town and meets up with the Back River in the town’s center. Fine examples of Federal and Victorian styles of architecture remain in the recently restored downtown, and historic statues stand out throughout the city limits. Amesbury is as far north as you can go in Massachusetts, but the road less travelled is often worth it, as Amesbury resident Robert Frost opined.
If you are moving to this historic town, you will need the best Amesbury moving company to handle the job. You need Amesbury movers that know the region and have a history, too.
As you do a “movers Amesbury MA” Web search, you will find one line that stands out as the top Amesbury moving company: DN Van Lines. Founded in the greater Boston area, DN Van Lines has achieved more than a decade of solid growth, with its services so much in demand that it expanded all the way into Florida.
One reason DN Van Lines is so appreciated by its customers is because it can handle any Amesbury storage needs that its clients have, too, just in case they have more possessions than space in their new residence. That means that DN Van Lines customers don’t need to do an additional “storage Amesbury MA” search; DN Van Lines handles all of the details thanks to its large and safe facility near Boston, from packing to pickup to move-in to storage.
Call 1-800-51-MOVER for details, or log on to and discover why, among Amesbury movers, DN Van Lines fits in with historic excellence.

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