How to Pack Miscellaneous Items

When your getting ready to move you pack all types of possessions. Learn how to pack them.

This video demonstrates how to professionally pack household odds and ends for a move. Whether you're moving locally or long distance -- you'll want to pack your belongings carefully to prevent damage.

Key Concepts:

✓ Odds and ends should be packed on top of other items.

✓ Pack clothing as is. 

✓ Pack like items together.

✓ Never pack dangerous items.

Tips and Tricks


1. Carefully pack odds and ends.

Be smart while packing odd size and shape items. Pack the bottom with softer items - clothing makes a good choice! - and carefully load other wrapped items on top.  Make sure to keep the weight even and the box stable.  Clothing can be kept as is.  If it is folded keep it that way, but there is no need to fold clothing before transport as long as it is kept neat.

2. Pack like items together.

Keep glassware with glassware and other knickknacks with similar items.  This will make keeping track of your items and unpacking a lot easier.  Don't forget to label the boxes!

3. Some items cannot be packed and shipped.

Be careful not to pack any dangerous items, especially into boxes with other valuables. For example, don't pack aerosols that could explode or a paint can into a box with clothing that could be stained.  If you have questions about whether or not an item can be shipped, reach out to us and we can  point you in the right direction.

Need Help With Your Move?

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