How to Pack Lamps & Lampshades

Mike Brown shows you the right way to prepare and pack your lamps and lampshades for a safe move.

This video demonstrates how to professionally pack lamps and lampshades for a move. It may be tempting to move lamps without packing them in boxes, but it is a must!

Key Concepts:

✓ Remove and separate lampshade from the lamp.

✓ Remove the lamp harp. Be sure to secure lamp finial back to the harp so you do not lose it.

✓ Wrap lamp base carefully to cushion against damage. Use bubble wrap if appropriate.

✓ Cushion bottom of dishpack carton by using wadded newsprint paper or bubble wrap before placing lamp.

✓ Depending on size of the lamp, you may be able to place additional wrapped lamps in the same carton.

✓ Fill all open spaces with wadded newsprint. You can also use pillows or cushions if space permits.

✓ Be sure to cushion the top of the lamp to protect the bulb socket. You can use pillows or cushions if space permits, otherwise use newsprint.

✓ Wrap lampshades in newsprint to protect surfaces. You may nest lampshades of the same shape.

✓ Choose a carton size that is slightly larger than the wrapped shades and cushion the bottom with wadded newsprint paper or bubble wrap.

✓ Place lampshades in carton and fill open spaces with newsprint. You may fill the space in the lampshade with light, wrapped items like the lamp harps and finials.

✓ Mark cartons as Lamps clearly. Always top load lamp and lampshade cartons to avoid crushing damage.

Tips and Tricks


1. You can purchase specially designed cartons and packing material suitable for lamps and lampshades at your professional mover.

2. If in doubt leave the packing to the pros.  Check with your local professional mover for advice.

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