46th Annual Dispatchers Convention

Hosted By DN Van Lines & Day Transfer


Location: Clearwater Florida
Dates: March 30 - April 3, 2022
Hotel: Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa

Room Cost: $299 + Resort fees / Taxes
Registration Cost: TBD

In military moving, more than in other lines of our business, shipments are shared by multiple parties who collaborate together to serve our mutual customer.  There's always an origin agent, hauler, and destination agent.  So coordinators and dispatchers from military movers talk on the phone on a daily basis coordinating shipments but rarely get to meet in person.  The Dispatchers Convention started as a way for people who worked in the coordination of military moves to finally meet in person.

Over the last 46 years, the Dispatchers Convention has evolved to be a conference for more than just military movers.  Now it's for all domestic asset based movers.  Military business is still the unifying theme but it's much more diverse.

It's an unaffiliated convention, meaning that it is not hosted by a particular association like IAM or ATA MSC.  Every year, the attendees vote on which company will have the honor of hosting it the following year.  For 2022, DN Van Lines and Day Transfer have been voted to host the conference. It promises to be the largest and most diverse Dispatchers Convention of all time.

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