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A quick look at the rankings of top colleges in the U.S. includes the usual suspects: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Michigan—and then, one that surprises those who don’t know about the true measures of a school’s excellence: Amherst College.

Almost always in the top four in the country, Amherst boasts the second-highest graduation rate among all schools (behind Harvard) and is the most selective liberal arts college in the country, accepting fewer than 1 in 8 applicants. Forbes ranked Amherst ahead of MIT, all the Ivy League schools (except Princeton) and many other better-known heavyweights in its 2010 rankings, and the alumni list of outstanding grads runs long, including a U.S. President, a Supreme Court justice and four Nobel Prize recipients.

Amherst also has the reputation as “the singing college” with plentiful choral groups on campus for those who can carry a tune along with their academic workload. If you are moving to Amherst, about two hours from Boston, you will need an Amherst College moving company that knows Massachusetts well. An online search for Amherst College movers and Amherst College moving companies will give you a long list of movers, but you can find the best by looking for satisfied customers and high professional ratings.

As you narrow your list, one local Amherst College moving company will emerge from the pack: DN Van Lines. DN Van Lines has moved people around Massachusetts for more than a decade, and it has gained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau in the process, tops among Amherst College moving companies.

If you discover that you need Amherst College storage or Amherst College summer storage, DN Van Lines can take care of that, too, thanks to its huge and safe facility near Boston. Thus, there is no need for an additional “storage Amherst College” or “student storage Amherst College” Web search. One call to 1-800-51-MOVER can do it all, or you can log on to to learn about school-year or summer storage Amherst College and/or to start your move. You will find plenty of gushing customer reviews on the site, and you can get a free quote, too.

Amherst College surprises many when it turns up in the rankings of top colleges in the U.S.; DN Van Lines is not surprised to find itself ranked as one of the top movers in the country. Find out why!