How To Videos

Packing Tutorial: Kitchen Items
Let our professional packer, Mike Brown, show you how to pack a kitchen right.

Packing Tutorial: Bathroom Items
Let us show you how to pack bathroom items quickly and easily.

Packing Tutorial: Electronics
Watch and learn how to properly prepare your electronics for transport.

Packing Tutorial: Desk Items
Check out how to quickly prepare your desk for a move.

Packing Tutorial: Lamps & Lampshades
It may be tempting to move lamps without packing them in boxes, but it is a must!

Packing Tutorial: Pictures & Mirrors
Avoid 7 years of bad luck...let us show you how to prepare your mirrors and pictures.

Packing Tutorial: Files
Learn how to keep everything organized through the use of file boxes.

Packing Tutorial: Wardrobe Box
Let us show you how to move your suits, dresses, and coats both hassle and wrinkle free.

Packing Tutorial: Plants
You should really move plants or anything living in your passenger vehicle, but if it has to go into the truck, this is the way to do it.
Packing Tutorial: Books & Magazines
Follow these easy tips to help the packing process go as smoothly as possible for your books and magazines.
Packing Tutorial: Miscellaneous
When your getting ready to move you pack all types of possessions. Learn how to pack them.
Packing Tutorial: Unpackables
Here is an example of a few items that should never be packed onto a moving truck.