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Among the many suburbs surrounding Boston, only one claims to be a “City of Pride, Progress and Possibilities.” That city, Everett, Massachusetts, boasts a rich history over its more than 100 years of existence with a list of prominent residents that stretches far beyond one page. And, by virtue of being just four miles from “the Athens of America”, Everett can be a fine place to settle if you work in Boston and/or want to enjoy the rich cultural life of that city. Many Everett movers will vie for your business, but only one takes the same sort of pride in its work that the city does: DN Van Lines.
DN Van Lines has been rated as an outstanding Everett moving company by the Massachusetts Better Business Bureau, which bestowed an A+ rating on the company as it quickly established itself as one of the better Everett movers in its first 11 years of existence. The enterprise does more than simply move its clients; if you have any Everett storage needs, it can help with those as well. The company uses a large and secure facility near Boston for those families that end up with too much stuff to stuff into their new home or apartment. Storage in Everett is difficult and can be pricey. Let DN Van Lines help you with all of your moving needs, from packing to storing and beyond.
With all of the details that you have to handle with your big move, save yourself the time you would need to do Web searches for “storage Everett MA” or the like. Just log on to and get all of your questions answered while filling in the details to receive an accurate quote. You’ll find out how the top Everett moving company can beat many other quotes and offer great rates for Everett storage as well. If you prefer the telephone, simply dial 1-800-51 MOVER and start your partnership with a company so vibrant it recently expanded to Florida and promptly received an A+ rating there as well. Everett, Massachusetts, takes pride in its progress and possibilities. So does DN Van Lines. Find out why.