How to Pack Wardrobe Boxes


Key Concepts:

✓ Wardrobe cartons come with a metal hanger bar so that clothes can be hung during transport.

✓ For best results do not overpack.  Too much weight on the hanger bar during transit may cause bar or carton edge to fail leaving clothes in a pile at the bottom of the carton.

✓ Make use of any additional space in the bottom of the carton but only load light items like pillows.

✓ Do not fill the carton with heavy items like books.

✓ Apply tape over the hanger bar where it rests on the carton edge after you close up the top of the carton to prevent injuries.  The edges of the hanger bar can be sharp.

✓ By placing a bar on the lower carton openings, you can create a stacked wardrobe carton which can be used to pack two hanging layers of shorter length clothes.

✓ If you use a stacked configuration, be sure to tape where the hanger bar meets the carton openings to prevent injury.

✓Hanging wardrobes work well for local, long distance and storage applications.  They are not always the best choice for international moves where flat wardrobes designed for folded clothes may be more appropriate.  Check with your professional moving consultant.


This video demonstrates how to professionally pack a hanging wardrobe carton to transport and temporarily store clothes on hangers.


Tip: You can purchase hanging wardrobe cartons at your professional moving company.


Step #1: Assemble carton

Assemble the hanging wardrobe carton by sealing the bottom flaps securely with tape.  Place the metal hanger bar at the top indented edge of the carton.

Step #2: Hang clothes in the wardrobe carton

Grab just a few hangers from your closet at at time.  Carefully place the clothes in the carton guiding the clothes so that they hang freely.  Secure the clothes hangers on the metal hanger bar.

Step #3: Fill the carton but do not overpack

Don’t cram the hanger bar with too many hangers.  Too much weight on the bar can cause the bar or the carton edge to fail leaving all your clothes in a pile at the bottom.

Step #4: Label the carton

Be sure to mark the carton with a detailed description.  If you have several packed wardrobe cartons, it may help you to identify the one you need without unpacking each.

Tip:  If in doubt leave the packing to the pros.  Check with your local professional mover for advice.


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