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It’s always a good feeling to move to a town that attracts tourists; you are sure that there is something there that draws people from around the area and country, something that should make your quality of life high as well.

In Wareham, Massachusetts, that something is water—lots of it. Sitting on the north shore of Buzzards Bay, the town is 23{b80c658995474e950efefd4858c4a4d712c164cbf976330c2cb93fa2281c61ed} water and started as a resort town centuries ago. If a spot on the bay does not provide enough water fun for you, you can always head over to Water Wizz, the local water park that was featured in the 2010 movie Grown Ups. Golfers enjoy Wareham as well; the Little Harbor Country Club is public, challenging and scenic, located near Little Harbor Beach.

As you plan your move to Wareham, you need to find a Wareham moving company that is not going underwater anytime soon. It’s best to look for a Wareham moving company that is thriving and growing. A “movers Wareham MA” Web search will produce a list of Wareham movers, but which ones are expanding and which ones are in decline? Only one of the Wareham movers has grown so fast in the past 10 years that it has expanded into Florida: DN Van Lines. You can log on to to find out why as you see the numerous awards that the company has received and listen to the enthusiastic customer testimonials about the lines’ service.

If Wareham storage is also a need, DN Van Lines can handle that as well, through its huge and safe facility near Boston. You can save the time needed for a “storage Wareham MA” search and call 1-800-51-MOVER to take care of your Wareham storage details. That will give you the extra time to plan for lots of time on the water and golf course in Wareham.