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The southernmost town in western Massachusetts, Southwick sits right on the New Hampshire line, separated on one side from The Granite State by the large Congamond Lakes, which used to provide ice for many Easterners in the days before refrigeration.
People who live in Southwick spend a lot of time looking down on their town because they are enjoying the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail, which provides a scenic view of the burg along the portion of the 110-mile path that overlooks the town.
If you are moving to this picturesque city, you will want a Southwick moving company that knows the trails that lead to it.
A “movers Southwick MA” Web search will give you pages of Southwick movers, but no method to choose the #1 Southwick moving company. For that, you will need to compare customer reviews and business ratings.
As you do that, one of the Southwick movers begins to emerge from the pack: DN Van Lines. Begun in the Boston area more than a decade ago, DN Van Lines knows the Bay State well and has proven so popular that it expanded into Florida a few years ago. The enthusiasm for the line has not been restricted to its customers–the Better Business Bureau consistently gives DN Van Lines an A+ rating.
One feature that makes DN Van Lines different from other Southwick movers is its ability to handle its customers’ Southwick storage needs. Thanks to its huge, safe storage facility, DN Van Lines can find a place for their customers’ extras after a move, saving them the trouble of a “storage Southwick MA” Web search or panicked phone calls to Southwick storage facilities.
For more information about this top Southwick mover, call 1-800-51-MOVER or go to and read and hear what customers have said about the service of DN Van Lines, your best option to transition to charming Southwick.