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Hard on the shore of Buzzards Bay, Nonquitt has long been a favorite district of those who live in Dartmouth, MA. Founded by Quakers who wanted to escape the rigid faith of the Puritans, Dartmouth has developed from a seaside resort into a tolerant community that continues to develop, adding businesses and schools, including a branch of the University of Massachusetts.

The town is also known for its outstanding sports and bands at the secondary school level, where both have been acknowledged as among the best in the state. If you are moving to this town on the water, you will want a Nonquitt moving company that is also seen as the best in the state. A “movers Nonquitt MA” Web search will produce a list of Nonquitt movers, but you need to check out customer reviews and professional ratings to identify the #1 Nonquitt moving company.

As you look over customer testimonials, one Nonquitt moving company will stand out, thanks to its gushing reviews and A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau: DN Van Lines. Founded in the region more than a decade ago, DN Van Lines has done thousands of moves in and around Nonquitt and recently expanded into Florida to meet customer demand.

One reason why DN Van Lines has grown so steadily is its ability to accommodate any Nonquitt storage needs that its customers sometimes have after a move. Because of its large and secure facility near Boston, DN Van Lines can handle any Nonquitt storage needs that arise, meaning that its customers don’t have to waste time doing an additional “storage Nonquitt MA” Web search.

For more information, call 1-800-51-MOVER or log on to to read the reviews that establish DN Van Lines as the number one choice among Nonquitt movers.