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Among the many picturesque and charming towns in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts, Monson stands out for its many natural wonders, including Peaked Mountain, the Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary and the Dean Pond Recreation Area.
Other attractions remind the town’s 8,000 residents of their burg’s rich past over the previous 240 years of existence: the Keep Homestead Museum, the Jacob Thompson House Museum and other beautifully preserved structures, which hearken back to an even simpler time.
If you are moving to this typically scenic small town, you will want a Monson moving company that knows Massachusetts.
After a “movers Monson MA” Web search gives you pages of national movers, you should zero in on local companies that understand the ins and outs of the Bay State. You should also compare customer testimonials and business ratings among Monson movers to find the #1 Monson moving company.
As you proceed in your search, one company will emerge from the pack of Monson movers, based on reviews and history in the state: DN Van Lines. In its years of operation in Massachusetts, DN Van Lines has moved thousands of people every year while maintaining an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
One aspect that customers love about DN Van Lines is that it can handle Monson storage needs as well, thanks to its huge, safe facility, which saves them the time they would take for a “storage Monson MA” Web search. It also negates the need for panicked phone calls to Monson storage facilities when they discover that they have more items than room in their new residence. DN Van Lines takes care of all of the details, from first packing to final storage.
For more information about this leading Monson mover, call 1-800-51-MOVER or go to and learn why customers give DN Van Lines their highest ratings.