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As the world’s largest producer of paper for nearly 100 years, Holyoke, Massachusetts, used its elaborate canal system to create the power to pump out huge amounts of paper from its mills. Now, “The Paper City” is becoming a center of high-tech industry and home to one of the largest malls in New England.
Not far from the major city of Springfield, Holyoke also welcomes its share of tourists to the Volleyball Hall of Fame, located in the city where the sport was invented in 1895, and to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which is the second largest (behind New York City) in the U.S. The Paper City’s mills were filled with hard-working Irishmen before modern technology outmoded their use.
If you’re going to Holyoke for more than the parade and actually plan to stay there, you will need to find the finest Holyoke moving company available. You will probably do a “movers Holyoke MA” Web search, and as you look at the results, ask these two questions:
1. Which Holyoke moving company wins awards from both consumer and business organizations?
2. Which of the Holyoke movers draws the highest praise from its customers?
In no time at all, you will spot one company that stands head and shoulders above all of the other Holyoke movers: DN Van Lines. A yearly winner of the Angie’s List Super Service award and proud holder of an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, DN Van Lines has a clientele that uses words like “professional”, “on time”, “helpful” and “efficient” when discussing the company.
Those clients appreciated being taken care of from first box packed to last item stored. DN Van Lines can meet any Holyoke storage needs that you might have as well because it understands that people sometimes have more items than they can fit into their new homes. That’s no problem! The company uses a large and secure storage facility to meet any Holyoke storage needs that might arise. So, you won’t need to do a “storage Holyoke MA” search to wrap up all of the details of your move.
Call 1-800-51-MOVER now or connect to: to start your parade to The Paper City.