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Like many towns in New England, Maynard, Massachusetts, has had to continually re-invent itself as times have changed. No building in town better proves that point than the home of the former Assabet Woolen Mill.

At its height, the mill made much of the wool used in Union Army uniforms during the Civil War. After bankruptcy in 1898, it was re-energized by the American Woolen Company and expanded in the first two decades of the 20th Century.

Years later it was again abandoned, and then the Digital Equipment Corporation moved in to establish its headquarters in 1957, after which the town briefly served as the “Mini Computer Capital of the World.” DEC was then bought by Compaq and later Hewlett Packard, causing the mill to sit empty for another decade.

Today, “The Mill” has been renovated again and transformed into Clock Tower Place, home of several businesses and the headquarters for Powell Flutes and The main feature of the building is the oldest working, hand-wound clock in the country, constructed in 1892. It takes 1-2 hours to wind the clock, but then it’s good for about a week of non-stop operation.

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