How to Pack Unpackables

Tips on what not to pack and transport during your move.   Moving is a good time to discard things that you may not ever use again.  Yes, we all save things just in case we might have a need for them in the future but if you have not used articles for many years,…

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How to Pack Lamps & Lampshades

Packing Lamps & Shades

Mike Brown shows you the right way to prepare and pack your lamps and lampshades for a safe move.   Key Concepts: ✓ Remove and separate lampshade from the lamp. ✓ Remove the lamp harp. Be sure to secure lamp finial back to the harp so you do not lose it. ✓ Wrap lamp base…

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How to Pack Electronics

Let the pros show you the proper way to pack and protect your fragile electronic items for shipment and storage. Key Concepts: ✓ Most people rent their cable boxes, so be sure to put it aside so it does not get packed if it must be returned to reclaim your deposit. ✓ Consider using a…

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How to Pack Wardrobe Boxes

How To Pack a Wardrobe

  Key Concepts: ✓ Wardrobe cartons come with a metal hanger bar so that clothes can be hung during transport. ✓ For best results do not overpack.  Too much weight on the hanger bar during transit may cause bar or carton edge to fail leaving clothes in a pile at the bottom of the carton.…

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How to Pack Pictures & Mirrors

How to Pack Mirrors & Pictures

Our professional packer, Mike Brown, shows how to pack mirrors & pictures.   Key Concepts: ✓ Picture/Mirror Cartons can be customized to form fit your mirror or picture ✓ Start by carefully bubble wrapping or cushioning your mirror or picture. ✓ Make sure your bubble wrap or cushioning material will not react or damage the…

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How to Pack a Kitchen

Let our professional packer, Mike Brown, show you how to pack a kitchen the right way.   Key Concepts: ✓ How to pack pots, pans, and plates. ✓ How to pack glassware, cups, mugs, and fragile stemware. ✓ The Egg Theory: Packing from the inside -> out for additional protection in the center. ✓ When…

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